Tenants, Helping to guide you through the rental process

Helping to guide you through the rental process

You can find all the information you need below but if you need any help just get in touch.  We are here to help. 

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Welcome to Choice Lettings Watford

We understand that the process of finding a property, understanding the legal side and completing the paperwork can be an daunting task.  Choice Lettings Watford is here to guide you every step of the way. Let us do the work for you.  

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It is important and reassuring for Tenants to know that we are regulated, your deposit is fully protected and you have legal rights under the terms of your Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement.


All viewings are by appointment and will be accompanied by an employee of Choice Lettings Watford. 

Following the viewing, should you wish to proceed with applying for the tenancy, the latest edition of the How to Rent Guide, Reference Forms, Energy Performance Certificate and other documentation related to renting the property, will be sent to you.

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   Tenants how to rent guide

How To Rent Guide

   Tenants affordability guide

Affordability Guide


Tenants references

We use the services of Homelet to carry out Right to Rent Checks and Referencing.

Prospective Tenants will be asked to complete a Homelet Verify and Reference Application Form and produce original photographic identification, including passport and visa (if applicable). 

Referencing checks consist of bank details, Tenant default database, adverse credit history, bankruptcy, CCJs and court decrees, undisclosed address and name, full employment reference including income information, future employment reference if required and current Landlord or Managing Agent reference.
A Holding Deposit will be required.
Please see Tenant Fees

Tenant Fees

Tenants fees

From 1st June 2019, a Holding Deposit, capped at no more than one week's rent, will be required to demonstrate a commitment to rent a property, whilst referencing checks take place.  Where a Tenant later enters into an Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement, the Holding Deposit will become part of the first month's rent. 

The Holding Deposit will be refunded where a Landlord decides not to rent the property or an agreement is not reached before the 'deadline for agreement' (and the Tenant is not at fault).  

Tenant Fees Act 2019


Tenants guarantors

If inconclusive information has been obtained on the Prospective Tenant, it may be necessary to provide a Guarantor to act as security for the term of the tenancy.  
The Guarantor will need to be a UK resident and will have to provide similar references to those required for the Applicant.  The Homelet Reference Reports may be forwarded to the Landlord for their approval.  
If the references are acceptable, we shall prepare three copies of the Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement for the Tenant, Guarantor and Landlord to sign all copies.

Rent & Deposit

Tenants rent and deposit

The first month’s rental payment plus deposit must be received in cleared funds before the date the tenancy commences. Failure to do so will delay the handover of keys to the property. The deposit is usually equivalent to no more than 5 weeks' rent, 
Deposits will be held by The Deposit Protection Service (DPS) (Custodial Scheme) in accordance with the Tenancy Deposit Scheme, for the duration of the tenancy, to offset any costs to remedy any breach of the tenancy agreement. The deposit cannot be used as the last months' rental payment.

DPS Ts & Cs

Tenant Inventory

Tenants inventory

Before the tenancy commences we recommend that the Landlord instructs an Independent Inventory Clerk to prepare an Inventory to provide a detailed schedule of condition of the property together with its contents, plus a Check In Report at the start of the tenancy and a Check Out Report at the end of the tenancy.

The documents are a form of protection against disagreements at the end of the tenancy. Preparation of the Inventory, Check In and Check Out are charged to the Landlord.

Future Rent Payments

Tenants future rent payments

A Standing Order Mandate must be completed by the Tenant to ensure all future rent payments are made in full on the due date of each calendar month. 
All rent payments are payable in advance.

Details of bank account for Choice Lettings Watford or the Landlord, whoever is managing the letting, will be clearly shown on the Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement.


During the tenancy, the Tenant is responsible for;

  • Insuring their own possessions*
  • Paying for all utilities including Gas, Electricity, Water & Council Tax 
  • TV License 
  • Telephone & Internet
  • All charges during the tenancy and any damages or breakages which should be reported immediately
  • Testing all smoke and carbon monoxide alarms on a weekly basis; cleaning the alarms on a three monthly basis, using a soft cleaning brush or the soft brush of a vacuum cleaner, and notifying your Landlord/Landlord’s Agent as soon as an alarm develops a fault, in order that it can be repaired or replaced.
  • Registering your own electrical products with the Manufacturer and checking the Product Recall Register to ensure they are safe. Find out more about product registration at www.electricalsafetyfirst.org.uk/product-recalls/product-registration

Decoration of the property and removal of any fixtures/fittings and furniture must only be done with the Landlord’s written permission.

No pets are allowed unless the Landlord has given consent in writing.

Choice Lettings Watford will deal with the property viewings, references and Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement. Tenants are obliged to report any repairs or queries in writing to Choice Lettings Watford or directly to the Landlord - whoever manages the letting of the property.

*Homelet offer a range of products including Tenants Contents Insurance and Tenant Liability Insurance.  For more information relating to Homelet products, call 0800 035 8258 or visit www.homelet.co.uk

Choice Lettings Watford is a Homelet Agent and will receive a Referral Fee of 10% of the total premium paid by a Tenant, for an insurance policy purchased through Homelet. 

Please note: Alternative Insurance Companies are available.

Choice Lettings Watford act for the Landlord and operate within accepted guidelines in the industry to ensure Tenants are able to rely on a professional Letting Agent, taking concerns seriously and advising the Landlord.

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