Some Helpful Extras

Additional help with letting your property

  • Written consent must be obtained from your Mortgage Provider/Freeholder (if property is Leasehold) before letting your property.
  • Your Insurance Company must be notified that the property is to be rented out and appropriate insurance obtained for a tenanted property.
  • The Inland Revenue must be informed within 6 months of letting your property in the U.K. and failure to do so will incur penalties, interest and other consequences. For Non-Resident U.K. Landlords, apply to HM Revenue & Customs and complete the NRL1 Application Form to obtain approval to receive rental income without tax deducted. It is always best to seek advice on tax planning and Capital Gains Tax from a fully qualified Accountant.
  • Your personal mail should be redirected via Royal Mail.
  • At least two sets of keys, parking permits and/or visitors’ parking permits (if applicable) will need to be provided.
  • Furnished or Unfurnished - The difference between rent for furnished or unfurnished is negligible, but the Landlord is responsible for the repair or replacement of any furnishings which become broken or worn (unless this was caused by a deliberate act by the Tenant).
  • Standing Charges for gas, electricity and water are payable by the Landlord when the property is vacant. Council Tax is also charged to the Landlord when the property is vacant.