Client Money

UKALA - Choice Lettings Membership No. 073732

The benefits of Choice Lettings being a UKALA member are significant. In an information age, it is essential for us to have access to the latest news and regulatory changes affecting the sector, and be able to tap into a high level of knowledge and critical support when required.

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UKALA membership includes Client Money Protection cover with Let Alliance. Client Money Protection is an insurance cover that protects landlords and tenants against the theft of their money, whilst in the custody and control of an agent.

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Client Money Protection Legislation 2019

From 1st April 2019 Letting Agents in England are required by law to belong to an approved Client Money Protection Scheme to protect Landlord and Tenant money.  

Client Money Protection is designed to protect client money held by Property Agents.  It offers financial protection for Landlords and Tenants that their money is secure whilst being held by an Agent, and also helps to continually support and raise standards within the property industry.  In the event that monies are misappropriated by an Agent, in the course of running their business, client money protection helps to return monies to the affected parties (Landlord and/or Tenants).

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