UKALA - Choice Lettings Membership No. 073732

The benefits of Choice Lettings being a UKALA member are significant. In an information age, it is essential for us to have access to the latest news and regulatory changes affecting the sector, and be able to tap into a high level of knowledge and critical support when required.

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UKALA membership includes Client Money Protection cover with Let Alliance. Client Money Protection is an insurance cover that protects landlords and tenants against the theft of their money, whilst in the custody and control of an agent.

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The Property Redress Scheme (PRS) provides consumer redress to UKALA members.  Property Redress Scheme, Premier House, 1st Floor, Elstree Way, Borehamwood, WD6 1JH.  Tel: 0333 321 9418, Email:

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Safe Agent - Choice Lettings Membership No. S4866

From 27 May 2015, under the requirements set out in the Consumer Rights Act, it became compulsory for all agents to display in their offices and on their websites whether or not they are part of a Client Money Protection Scheme.

Safe Agent Fully Endorsed – is a mark denoting firms that protect landlords and tenants money through client money protection schemes.

There are several schemes in the sector operated by ARLA/NAEA, the Law Society, UKALA, NALS and RICS to which agents voluntarily belong. These schemes are run by recognised industry bodies or organisations operating in the private rented sector to provide accreditation and/or regulation. For the benefit of consumers these organisations require their firms/members to have: -
– professional indemnity insurance
– defined accounting standards relating to clients’ money
– a customer complaints procedure
– membership of an ombudsman scheme
For the benefit of consumers the SAFEagent campaign restricts registration to agents who are part of such organisations as these agents meet the stringent standards expected. Landlords and Tenants are encouraged to go on-line and check out to find an agent in their area and the advice is to always look for the SAFEagent mark, an easily identifiable consumer mark denoting agents subscribed to a Client Money Protection.

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